Thursday, May 26, 2011

Future Virgin Mobile Phones

Virgin Mobile Launches VIRGIN MOBILE LIVE 2.0 App For Android - Are you bored with the default music application owned android? Maybe now you can try to switch with VIRGIN MOBILE LIVE 2.0. The new music applications offers several advantages, among others, easier access to stream music presented by DJ Abbey Braden, as well as showing video Virgin Mobile FreeFest.

Application made by mobile phone operator Virgin Mobile USA is now ready to be downloaded via the android market. The users also can enjoy direct access and even record streaming music or movies that are available wherever the user is located. Related to this, live performances Virgin Mobile “LIVE HOUSE” ever exhibited in the SXSW 2011 event some time ago, reportedly will soon appear on next week on mobile phones that have VIRGIN MOBILE LIVE 2.0.

Ron faris as Brand Marketing Director of Virgin Mobile said that “Music will always be at the core DNA of Virgin Mobile”. “And Given the addictive nature enthusiasts Us to find and share the latest music, we want to ensure that they have access to new bands that most hot straight with only through their fingertips. We are very pleased to invite those who are not subscribers to experience this so they can watch anything related to us “.

Through this application will basically be able to stream content from this LIVE VIRGIN MOBILE, streaming music and entertainment that comes from wireless carrier without having to be a customer at any time and without distinguishing either Android users that include customers and non-Virgin Mobile.

This latest application comes with movie and music content selected from events that have been officially sponsored by Virgin Mobile.
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