Thursday, May 26, 2011

Great Pyramid Robot 2011

Great Pyramid Robot 2011
Robots Can arrive at Great Pyramid micro chopper - had a mini-robot is great, for perform certain buildings or pyramids made even larger. Daniel Mellinger and his team GRASP Laboratory at the University of Pennsylvania, United States of America (U.S.) to develop a system of rules That allows the robot to fly and body-build buildings.

You simply specify the design of buildings to be made. As quoted in New Scientist, the algorithm will from Nowhere determine the parts of the building is put up to tar build building.

As in the photo, a group of these mini-helicopter robot turns to follow commands and co-ordinate the program choosing algorithmic That building components are allotted.

“We’re Also developing robots for the pen grip in Easily to take, and put part of the building. In the pilot, building components so That the robot has no trouble magnet attached EACH component,” aforesaid Mellinger.
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