Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Olympus LS-20 M Pocket Camcorder

Olympus LS-20 M
Olympus LS-20 M Pocket Camcorder - HD video recorders or portable handheld will present the latest Olympus, the Olympus LS-20M and Linear PCM audio recorder. The advantages that stand out and be reckoned from the Olympus product is on the audio recording device, so this pocket camera will offer a better experience in terms of an audio recording instead of a number of pocket camcorders out there that are on the market today, these devices use a 2 “LCD, and below the LCD is 1.46 “LCD screen to indicate time of data, audio level and battery life.

The camera is also equipped with auto focus lens and 4x digital zoom, can record video in full HD 1080p resolution, and can even record in low light.

To complement all this, the camcorder also package Movie Magic in four settings:
• Rock Movie Magic classic setting, featuring images of black saturated and bright, with bold color background;
• Sketch Magic Movie change your video settings to life and style pencil drawing style, reminiscent of a video about the year 80. Sketches adds a sense of artistic and poetic feeling on your tape;
• Pinhole Pinhole-the Movie Magic allows users to record video with a soft, outer edge of the dark – the subject of increasing focus in the middle of the video. Pinhole very nice to set the mood with a melody or focus on your voice recording;
• The Movie Magic Pop super-Saturate the color settings for recording, video sunny clearer. Make your world into a work of pop art!

As for audio, LS-20M can be set to record at 24 bit/96 HHz stereo Linear PCM sound, which is better than CD quality. This device is also equipped with voice-activation feature that automatically tidy start recording when a certain level of sound is achieved.

Olympus LS-20M is placed in a black body and durable silver that weighs only 5.4 ounces. as well as bundled only with 2gb memory card. Olympus LS-20M will be available in June 2011 for around $ 299.

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