Thursday, May 26, 2011

Origin PC EON 17-S

Origin PC EON 17-S
Origin PC EON 17-S Specs
High-performance gaming laptop would be every fan’s dream game. By using a laptop with high performance will make the adventure gamers become more cool and fun. Origin PC EON17-S is one of the high-performance gaming laptop with discrete graphics features support for Nvidia GeForce GTX and Intel Core processor in the second generation, and already overclock speed 4.5GHz. Though recently we have been featuring Alienware M18X overclock to 4GHz.

EON17-S is a PC laptop from the Origin of the most powerful and reliable to support mobile processor and built using the motherboard Cougar Point B3 which has been updated. Origin PC EON17-S can be fully customized via the official website of Origin, and users can change the color of the laptop and the hardware or peripherals that best meets gaming needs and budget.

No less available seven different CPU options including Intel Core i7-2920XM who overclock of 4.5GHz with the activation of Turbo Boost. And EON17-S reportedly also be configured with a maximum-capacity DDR3 memory up to 32GB. For graphics cards can use GeForceGTX460M1.5GB or GeForce GTX 485M 2GB. As for media storage, PC Origin EON17-S turned out to have been equipped with dual 2.5-inch hard disk slot which can be run in RAID 0 or 1 setup.

Other Origin PC EON17-S Features
Other features also include support for Blu-ray burner, 802.11n & Bluetooth 3.0, support TV tuner and a 2MP webcam. On the other hand, also has available all the standard ports and connectors, and HDMI and DVI video outputs, a pair of USB 3.0 ports, eSATA ports and S / PDIF audio out. And to give comfort to its users, PC Origin EON17-S uses a fairly large screen measuring 17.3 inches that supports 1920 × 1080 pixel resolution and features LED backlighting.

“Laptops are very portable EON17-S processor to support Intel’s second generation who have overclock from the factory at 4.5GHz. This laptop is the fastest laptop ever made by Origin PC built on Intel’s mobile platforms, “said Kevin Wasielewski, CEO and co-founder of Origin PC.

This Gaming Laptop is priced approximately $ 1,759 for a basic configuration with support features an Intel Core i5-2520, 2GB RAM memory, 460M and GeForce GTX 250GB 7200rpm SATA hard drive. However, if consumers prefer to 485M GTX graphics card, then the price to be paid only for 495 USD. And for consumers who choose to support the Core i7-2920XM has overclock to 4.5GHz speed, then the price will be $ 1,144.

Want to adventure with Origin PC EON17-S? you can choose packages that match the criteria and funding support you have. You will feel comfortable when playing 3D games using Origin PC EON17-S.
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