Monday, May 23, 2011

Samsung's TV World's Largest

Samsung D9500 3D TV
Samsung D9500 3D TV 75-inch Smart Largest TV : A super large size TVs sized 75-inch has been present, because recently Samsung has announced that it will begin sending their flagship TV is Samsung D9500. Samsung offers the largest consumer 3D television on the market and premium features Samsung’s LED-backlit LCD Panels Black Diamond.

And TV is quite smart Samsung D9500 TV because this TV includes applications such as Skype, Facebook, Twitter and Web browser to consumers who are always connected to the internet and make it a family entertainment center in living room.

Just like a TV in general, surely we will find a remote, but remote TV from Samsung is using a QWERTY keypad for easier Web browsing on the TV and also allows users to quickly navigate through menus, as well as easy to type and search for web address. In addition to a large screen size guedheyang Siper, this TV also has a high frequency for the appearance of 240Hz LED Backlight type.

TV Samsung D9500 75-inch 3D human face on pre-order in Korea by the end of the month at a price equivalent to $ 17,600.

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