Saturday, May 28, 2011

Satellite R830

Satellite R830, R840 and R850
Satellite R830, R840 and R850 Review - Three laptop satellite series has just demonstrated by Toshiba at the show in 2011 in Barcelona with a type R830 13.3 inch size, type size of 14-inch R840 and R850-size 15.6-inch With the latest Intel processor equipped of course.

With the latest Intel processor and cooling system that optimizes the third heat of this laptop looks more innovative. Processor used is Core i5 and i7 shandy bridge with a capacity of 640GB hard drives and 8GB of RAM.

Another advantage of 3 of this laptop is USB 3.0 which has, so you can quickly transfer the data (video, music, photo, and etc) into the storage medium Toshiba STOR.E ART 4 in a matter of minutes.
In addition to the speed of USB 3.0, WLAN 802.11 Wireless Speed is also prepared to support.

According to the news will be distributed in April next but no confirmation yet about the price of 3 laptops this satellite.
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