Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Best Mobile Phones For Recording And Playing Video

Gadget Mobile Technology: The Best Mobile Phones For Recording And Playing Video - Bigger processors and larger memories than ever mean that the latest smartphones can now handle HD video – but which are the best for capturing your most important memories?

Which? Mobile rounds-up some of the best video capable mobile phones you can buy.
Nokia N8
Renowned for the quality of its still camera, the Nokia N8 also manages to raise eyebrows with its video capabilities. Recording at 720p quality and 25 frames per second, it’s no slouch and with a decent display and HDMI-out port it’s also a pretty good choice for watching your home movies.
In fact, Nokia was so impressed with its own N8 camera that it decided to film this mini-movie entirely on the handset.

Apple iPhone 4
Few smartphone round-ups would be complete without a mention of the iPhone 4 and this one is no different.
The iPhone 4 can record 720p video and the downloadable iMovie app helps you edit them to create your own masterpieces. You can download movies from iTunes and watch them on the stunning 3.5-inch Retina display, with its screen resolution of 960×640 pixels.

LG Optimus 2X
Not satisfied with 720p quality video? Fancy a bit of full-HD 1080p action? The LG Optimus 2X might be just the one for you.
Taking advantage of its dual-core processor, the Optimus 2X is capable of recording and processing video with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels.
Although you won’t be able to see this video in its full glory on the 2X’s 480×800 resolution screen, the phone does come with the ability to perform HD mirroring. Using its HDMI-out port, you will be able to see whatever is playing on your phone on your HD TV.

Samsung Galaxy S II
We’re currently testing the Galaxy S II in our labs, but with its dual-core processor and ability to record 1080p video it’s likely to be a strong contender in the video department.
Its Super AMOLED Plus screen should make watching videos an enjoyable experience, and one that doesn’t drain the battery too quickly.
DLNA support also means you’ll be able to watch your videos on any compatible TVs.

HTC Sensation
Another dual-core smartphone that can record video in 1080p quality, we haven’t managed to get the Sensation into the lab yet, but we were impressed with our short hand-on trial.
As well as its impressive camera, the Sensation comes with a video trimmer for cropping videos as well as a display with an impressive resolution of 540×960 pixels.
But it’s not just the hardware that makes it stand out. The Sensation is the first phone to include HTC’s new video service Watch. This allows you to buy and rent videos for the smartphone that you can then watch on the move or stream to your TV. What’s more, thanks to progressive downloading you won’t have to wait until the video has finished downloading before you can start watching it.

LG Optimus 3D
If recording in HD isn’t enough for you, how about recording in 3D?
Although it hasn’t hit the shops yet, the LG Optimus 3D will not only let you view 3D content without the need for specialist glasses, but can also record 3D video using a special dual lens camera.
LG claims that its dual-core and dual-channel processor is the fastest yet, allowing it to record 3D video in 720p as well as 2D video at full-HD 1080p quality.
We’re still waiting for a release date – although initially LG quoted a possible spring launch so hopefully we won’t have to wait too long – but in the meantime check out our first look video of the smartphone below.
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