Friday, July 22, 2011

Google Apps Marketplace New Google Apps

Google Apps Marketplace
Gadget Mobile Technology: Google Apps Marketplace New Google Apps - The Google Apps Marketplace has been launched New service by Google offers products and services including installable apps that integrate directly with Google Apps.

If you are an administrator, Google's new service the Google Apps Marketplace". Google Apps Marketplace could be really useful for you. It allows you to find and buy third party cloud web-based applications and deploy them to their domains. Installable apps listed in the Google Apps Marketplace are easy to use. They include Google's universal navigation, single sign-on and some even include features that can be integrated with your domain's data.

These integrated apps add additional functionality to Google Apps and don't require additionally logins. They can share data with services like Google Calendar and Google Docs.

Here is Google's video that shows you how to add an app from the Google Apps Marketplace to your domain.

If you want to use Marketplace apps, you must first be a Google Apps customer. You can find more information on Google Apps Marketplace pages.
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