Wednesday, July 6, 2011

How To Enter Vkontakte : Symbian Application

Gadget Mobile Technology: VKontakte, Symbian Application for Access to Social Networks from SPB Software - SPB recently announced the launch of symbian application named VKontakte for Nokia devices. Symbian application is devoted to the ease of access to social networking.

Application result of cooperation with Nokia is aimed primarily at enterprise customers in the commonwealth countries of the former Soviet Union country or denomination known as the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) such as Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, and so forth. In other words, the existence of this latest VKontakte more applications are intended to offer all the necessary features and options for mobile users who want to enjoy when accessing social networking sites.

Nokia has a long term relationship with Spb Software,” said Sergey Rudenko, Head of Services, Russia at Nokia.

“And we are very pleased with the partnership that has existed, because the SPB solution for Nokia is a product that is always unique and amazing. VKontakte application for Nokia has the best quality level and high level of engagement with their customers. “

With the functionality of the standard social networking applications for Symbian devices and a series some unique features, certainly will provide its own reliability for its users. And for his own use, the developer of mobile applications VKontakte believes that this is going to penetrate more than 100 million users.

Some of the things offered by mobile applications VKontakte, among others:
- Geographic Targeting VK user using an interactive map
- Synchronize Contacts with phone numbers
- Audio and video player that is integrated
- Function call or SMS can be made directly from the application VKontakte

SPB is created not only as an ordinary application, we created a platform to collaborate environment with entertainment in all of Russia’s largest social networking”, said Sebastian-Justus Schmidt, Spb Software CEO.

This new mobile application is now available for Nokia users in the CIS countries, and can be downloaded from the software portal Ovi Store here.
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