Sunday, July 24, 2011

Nokia DAB Digital Radio Headset

Nokia DAB Digital Radio
The Nokia DAB Digital radio headset is the first digital radio add-on for a mobile phone.

It’s compatible with Nokia phones running Symbian^3, such as the Nokia C6, Nokia C7 or Nokia N8, gives you access to lots more radio stations and promises higher quality sound that analogue radio.

If you want to listen to digital radio stations without having to use the internet – or your data allowance – Nokia’s head is currently the only option, although at £45 it’s a pretty expensive option.

The headset looks ok, although for the price tag you might expect something a little less plasticky.

The headset connects to the phone using a ‘USB on the go’ slot, found on the side of the Nokia N8, and makes the phone slightly awkward to slip into a pocket – although this slot is positioned more conveniently on the Nokia C6 and Nokia C7.

To get the headset to work you have to download the Nokia DAB radio app from the Ovi Store. It’s not immediately obvious you need to do this – and the very short instruction booklet you get doesn’t give any help with this – but a quick search on the Ovi Store and you’ll be able to find the free app.

Once working, the headset performs pretty well and when we tried it out indoors it only cut-out momentarily once or twice. When we tried it outside it held signal perfectly.

Sound quality seemed pretty good, although we haven’t put it to the test in our labs so we can’t give it a star rating.

It is clever enough to cut its sound when another app – such as the BBC’s iPlayer app- starts playing and the headset can also handle hands-free calls and voice commands, so you can call a contact without getting the phone out of your pocket.

At £45 Nokia’s DAB digital radio headset is a pretty expensive accessory and we don’t imagine there’s too many people it would interest enough to justify the price tag, but with the impending switchover to digital radio it might be something that becomes more appealing in the near future.
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