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Best Strategy Games for iPad in 2011

Best Strategy Games for iPad in 2011
Gadget Mobile Technology : Best Strategy Games for iPad in 2011 - There are tops of games available for the iPad, and they all vary from the type of game to how it is played. There are action games, strategy games, puzzle games and more. Today, we will be looking at the Best Strategy Games for iPad in 2011. Every single month, there are tons of games and applications being put into the Apple market. The Apple Market is one of the largest, especially because millions of people have the iPad, iPad 2 and other Apple devices. If you are an avid fan of Apple products, you should surely check out some of the following strategy games for the Apple iPad.

If you are familiar with the popular board game, Risk, you may know what Strategery is all about. In Strategery, you will have a number of different maps for each level, so that you are not kept bored like in Risk. The main objective of the game is to defeat the other army, and to conquer their map. The game is exciting and feels new every time you play it, because you start off with a new map every time. As for the game, you get to choose the number of opponents, size of the map and the difficulty level of the game. Download

In the game, you have bases and paths for all your missions. Your duty is to make sure that you get the tanks and helicopters through the outlines path from one military base to the next. Every battle in the game has a different map and path, so that you will be kept in a strategic mode. Throughout the game, you need to be able to conquer the various bases before you can begin taking on some of the opponents. You really have to use a strategy when you are playing the game, as you will have to deal with a number of obstacles. Download

rom the time it came out, the game has always been at the top of the charts. Paper Toss HD is a simple strategy game that requires no real thinking capability. You have to use your general instinct and make sure that you get the paper in the garbage bin that is across the room. The game is quite simple, as you are just required to toss a piece of crumpled paper into the garbage bin. The only thing is that you need to watch out for the fan that is on the side, which pushes away the paper as you toss it out. Download

The famous board game, Carcassonne has now been adopted for the iPad. You can now take advantage of the bigger screen on your laptop, and use it to play the Carcassonne game. When the game was first developed for the iPhone, it got tons of recognition and comments that increased its success in the real market. It was rated as one of the top games available for the iPhone device. When you purchase Carcassonne on your device, it will become available on your iPhone and iPad, so you are getting a two for one deal. Download

This is a purely strategic game, as you have to use the various kinds of weapons and put them into use when fighting in the war. There are thousands of units that you will need to deploy during the game, and you have to use strategies to make sure that you can defeat them. If you simply put out random weapons artilleries and units, you will not be able to get anywhere in your game. You can think of it as a SimCity version game, which has been adopted for the iPad. It is a very fun game, which is quite challenging at first. Download

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