Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Download Gtalk for Mobiles Free

Gtalk Mobile
Gadget Mobile Technology : Download Gtalk for Mobiles Free - If you are hooked up with your friend’s and want to network them even though you are away from PC then take out your cell phone and start instant messaging using "Go talk Mobile" – A free Gtalk for mobile phones. Go talk Mobiles is a Google Chat (Gtalk) client for Phones such as Nokia, Sony Ericsson and HTC featuring good graphical interface with avatar enabled and runs in the background without messing up the Mobile interface!

The Easy to switch feature inbetween the chatting windows makes it much more easier to navigate around without any issues.To use this gtalk on mobile just visit from your mobile browser such as Opera mini and download the latest gtalk version.

You can save this Go Talk Mobile on your Computer and then transfer it to your Mobile phone. Choose your phone model to download the appropriate version.

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