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What are the differences of Nokia C2-01, Nokia C2-02 and Nokia C2-03?

Gadget Mobile Technology : What are the differences of Nokia C2-01, Nokia C2-02 and Nokia C2-03?

Nokia C2-01, Nokia C2-02, Nokia C2-03: What are the differences?
Nokia certainly has been good to us lately, and among the new arrivals is the Nokia C2-02, a brand new Touch and Type handset in the C Series. But there's also a C2-01, along with a C2-03, so to avoid confusion let's look at exactly how they differ.

In the last couple of months Nokia has announced a change to its naming convention to simply label all new handsets with a string of three numbers – hence the arrival of the likes of the Nokia 100, Nokia 500, and Nokia 701.
The previous system saw new handset labelled first with a letter to denote which series it fell under (C, X, E or N), followed by a single digit to break things down further, then a number at the end to denote the variant. The result was names like the Nokia C5-03 and Nokia X3-02.

But occasionally, the system led to some unintended confusion, and probably the best example is towards the bottom of the C Series, where there's a Nokia C2-01, a Nokia C2-02 and a Nokia C2-03 (there's also a Nokia C2-06, but we'll ignore that for a moment).

So what's the difference? Let's explore each of them in turn:

Nokia C2-01
The Nokia C2-01 was announced at the end of last year, and is a traditional candybar-style handset with a 2-inch screen and the focus very much on value for money. You still get 3G connectivity and a 3.2-megapixel camera, though, while Series 40 runs the show under the surface.

Nokia C2-02
Nokia announced the Nokia C2-02 Touch and Type (to use its full name) a couple of months ago, making it the third handset in the Touch and Type range. That means it has both a traditional keypad and a touch-sensitive screen, and with the keypad sliding away behind the screen it means the display size is a generous 2.6-inches. Here too Nokia has put the Series 40 OS in charge of things.

Nokia C2-03
And here's where it might get a little confusing, as from a physical appearance point of view, the Nokia C2-02 and Nokia C2-03 are exactly the same phone, with the same touch-sensitive screen and slide-down keypad. Where the Nokia C2-03 differs is that it also features the convenience of dual-SIM, meaning two different family members, say, can have their own SIM cards in a single device, and switch back and forth between profiles without one interfering with the other in any way.

The dual-SIM nature of the Nokia C2-03 makes it best suited to developing markets where people might have to share a handset between family members, and so it's not available for sale in the UK at all. And for the record, that Nokia C2-06 we mentioned earlier is the exact same device again, just with a couple of premium design touches, But it's also not coming to the UK anytime soon.

With their names so similar and both carrying similar prices, we're not surprised there's a bit of confusion. But if you're in the UK, you can at least forget all about the Nokia C2-03 and Nokia C2-06. Aside from the minor difference in spec, the big difference is that the Nokia C2-01 doesn't have a touchscreen and the the Nokia C2-02 does. Remember that and there's no way you'll get confused.
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