Saturday, October 1, 2011

Best Smart Cover & Case for Apple iPad 2 in 2011

Gadget Mobile Technology : Best Smart Cover & Case for Apple iPad 2 in 2011 - Hey there, I was wondering how many Apple iPad accessories are available in market, and found some cool ipad 2 covers and cases to pimp your gear, So get your hands on some latest Apple iPad 2 covers available in market right now, I will keep this post updated with latest and best ipad 2 covers and cases.

1. Apple iPad Smart Cover
Price: $39-$69
The Apple iPad Smart Cover uses magnets built into the iPad 2 to connect to the device, while adding almost no extra bulk. It protects the screen (but not the back), and can fold into a stand at optimal viewing and typing angles.

2. DODOcase Classic
Price: $59.95
The DODOcase Classic is one of the few cases you'll find that's as good-looking as the iPad 2 itself. It's made of bamboo and cloth, and is bound like a book, so it feels like you're flipping open a novel when you access your iPad. It props the tablet at a number of useful angles, and looks great all the while.

3. InnoPocket EliteFolio Carbon Fiber
Price: $199
The Elite Folio Carbon Fiber is crazy expensive, but it's a master of versatility. Light and protective, this folio-style case uses only a tiny piece of plastic to create angles that others can't handle.

4. Grove iPad 2 Case
Price: $99
Grove's iPad 2 case mixes the analog-chose from natural or amber wood, and tan or black leather-with the high tech: it works with the tablet's magnets, smartly turning the device on and off. It can fold to multiple angles, ideal for typing or watching videos.

5. Waterfield iPad Wallet
The iPad Wallet is a slim, zippered sleeve that holds your iPad, Bluetooth keyboard and iPad charger all safely separated-if you're traveling with a mobile office, it's a great solution.

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