Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mozilla Firefox 6 Free Download Firefox 6 -

Mozilla Firefox 6
Gadget Mobile Technology : Mozilla Firefox 6 Free Download Firefox 6 - Mozilla Firefox 6 has been released with lots of performance improvements, bug fixes, improved reliability, enhanced security features and more developers support tools inbuilt with increased addons compatibility for older addons i.e. firefox extensions. Firefox 6 fixes the firefox slow startup time by giving the users with choice whether to load all tabs simultaneously when firefox starts or just to load the active tab. The overall performance and speed has increased to a remakable effect. With More addons support and compatibility, updating would be easy and convenient. Mozilla Firefox 6 is released. Take a look at firefox 6 release notes.

What’s New in Mozilla Firefox 6 Download ?
* Faster firefox startup when using panaroma..
* Many bugs fixed.
* More speed, more security, more control.
* Added support for windows.watchmedia, EventSource/ Server-sent events, latest draft version of Websockets with a prefixed API.
* The domain name is slightly tinted which helps you identify the domain name of any webpage opened in firefox easily.
* A new web developer menu has been added where developers related tools are present. Also added scratchpad, javascript prototyping environment.
* 96 % compatibility with older firefox addons.
* New steamlined look of site identity block.
* More appealing look and interface designed for easy understanding and swift operating.

Update : New version is released and is available for download. It features tabs grouping and few other bugs fixes.

NOTE : To Download the latest version, always download it from this website’s homepage as we regularly update firefox download links. Go to Mozilla Firefox Free Download.
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