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Amazon Kindle Fire 7-inch 8GB Wi-Fi Tablet PC Prices and Reviews

Amazon Kindle Fire
Gadget Mobile Technology : Amazon Kindle Fire 7-inch 8GB Wi-Fi Tablet PC Prices and Reviews - Amazon's first entry into the tablet market bears an uncanny resemblance to the Blackberry PlayBook which isn't too surprising. Both tables were outsourced to the same design firm and Amazon was looking to get a tablet to market very quickly. In fact, the only way one will really be able to tell them apart is from the subtle branding logos on the front and back of each device. The other major difference is that the Kindle Fire lacks any sort of cameras on the tablet, one of the many changes to help drive down the price.

What is really going to set the Kindle Fire apart from other tablets is the software. At its core, the tablet is running an older Android 2.3 operating system originally intended for mobile phones. Amazon has done a huge redesign of the system such that many users may not realize that it is there at all. The focus is on media consumption particularly through Amazon's services including its App Store. The main screen consist of the carousel of recently used items. Below this is the pin favorites of the user. There is also access to categorized groups such as books, music, video and apps. Nothing too elegant with these sections but it works. The more annoying aspect is that there is no navigation bar visible when in applications or a physical home button. To get back or switch apps, you tap in the middle of the screen but this can often be either accidentally triggered or cause another function by mistake.

In an attempt to attract more customers, Amazon is bundling a month free trial of the Amazon Price service with the Kindle Fire. While this started out simply as a free shipping plan for frequent Amazon buyers has morphed into much more. In now includes free streaming from a set number of programs and movies as well as the new lending library for reading books. This provides a huge amount of content to buyers for free at least for the first month. After that, owners will have to pay the standard $79 annual subscription fee.

Amazon doesn't list the capacity of the battery within the Kindle Fire tablet but it states that it should run for seven and a half hours of video playback with the wireless off. Now, most people will probably be using the wireless to stream their video rather than having it stored locally. In video streaming playback tests, the running time comes under this to roughly six and a half hours which is still good but far from the class leading iPad 2 with ten hours.

Specifications & Price of Amazon Kindle Fire 7-inch 8GB Wi-Fi:
Developer :
Manufacturer : Quanta Computer
Release date : November 15, 2011
Introductory price : $199.00 USD
Operating system : Android OS 2.3 (customized)
CPU : 1 GHz TI OMAP 4 4430 (dual core)
Storage capacity : 8 GB
Memory : 512 MB RAM
Display : 7" multi-touch Gorilla Glass display, 1024×600 at 169 ppi, 16 million colors. Capacitive touch sensitive.
Graphics Power : VR SGX540
Connectivity : Micro-USB 2.0 (type B)
3.5 mm stereo socket
802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi
Online services : Amazon Prime, Amazon Cloud Storage, Amazon Cloud Player, Amazon Instant video, Amazon Silk, Amazon App Store, Amazon Kindle Store
Dimensions : 190 mm (7.5 in) H
120 mm (4.7 in) W
11.4 mm (0.45 in) D
Weight 413 g (14.6 oz)
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