Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The best HTC mobile phones in 2011

Gadget Mobile Technology : The best HTC mobile phones in 2011 - HTC has come from being a relatively unknown mobile phone manufacturer to a company that’s currently at the forefront of the smartphone boom, bringing us some of the best and most popular smartphones on the market.

The Taiwanese manufacturer has made a name for itself mainly via its sleek handset designs and the HTC Sense user interface, which offers a much more intuitive and feature-filled UI than many other Android smartphones.

But which phones are the best of the HTC bunch? We’ve rounded-up the most recent models that have all performed well in our tests. So if you’re looking for a decent HTC deal just click on the links below to see the full review, specs and all related deals for each handset. Here The best HTC mobile phones in 2011 :

HTC Salsa
One of the best performing HTC smartphones surprisingly turns out to be one of the more modestly priced with the Android running Salsa. It may not have the best set of specs in terms of processor speed or megapixels, but some great performances in our tests coupled with a nicely sized handset make it a clear Best Buy. Plus, the Salsa also has special Facebook functionality if you’re that way inclined.

HTC Sensation
A powerful smartphone boasting a dual-core processor and some nifty specs – including an 8Mp camera and the ability to record video in full 1080p resolution – the Sensation is a top quality device. The Sensation excelled in our tests and thanks to the Android operating system it is easy to use. A great web browser completes the package.

One of the first 3D smartphones, the Evo 3D can not only display 3D content but also record it using its dual-lens camera. A powerful processor to keep all this 3D wizardry working means it can handle the Android operating system and apps easily. While we’re convinced 3D is much more than a gimmick, even when you don’t take this into account the Evo 3D is still an impressive device.

HTC Incredible S
An impressive smartphone with a generous 4-inch screen, the Incredible sits between the HTC Desire and Desire HD in HTC’s range and grabs a Best Buy award with its impressive scores. Like the HD the Incredible S includes an 8Mp camera that is also capable of recording video in HD quality. While it only runs Android Froyo, rather than the latest version Gingerbread, there is little difference between the two and HTC has promised an upgrade in the coming months.

HTC Sensation XL
A very powerful smartphone with a huge screen, the Sensation XL is a top of the range device. While some may find the epic 4,7-inch screen too big to use, it makes browsing the web a pleasure and is great for watching videos. A 1.5GHz processor and 8Mp camera proove this is not a smartphone to mess with and the Android operating system gives it access to hundreds of thousands of apps through the Android Market.
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