Thursday, December 20, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S4 release date 2013

The Galaxy S4 Release Date is again rumored for February or March 2013, this time in an analyst note that includes hints of an unbreakable display. This is the fourth voice to point to a Galaxy S4 launch in February, likely at Mobile World Congress. The most recent February Galaxy S4 launch rumor came from the Korea Times, following up on rumors from November.
Samsung Galaxy S4 pictures

If Freedman is correct, and the Galaxy S4 launches in February with carrier release dates in March of 2013, we shouldn’t expect new screen tech, just the 5-inch 1080P HD display that’s been rumored.

A few months back it was reported that Samsung was planning to unveil the Samsung Galaxy S4 at Mobile World Congress in 2013. Given the intense popularity of the phone it seems unlikely that Samsung would do anything other than hold a dedicated event for their next flagship, but the idea that Samsung could announce early in 2013 didn’t seem too far off. On top of this, we reported on Samsung engineers crowdsourcing possible suggestions for features and hardware in the Galaxy S4 back in October. While it seemed likely that the phone was already well into the prototyping stages of build cycle, there was little question that Samsung was making sure we all knew what was coming.

Even with multiple sources pointing to a February launch event for the Galaxy S4 at MWC, it’s not a done deal. In our look at possible Galaxy S4 release dates, Gotta Be Mobile Editor Adam Mills predicts the Galaxy S4 will arrive in May with Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie. Mills shares the reasoning behind this later launch date, and why the Galaxy S4 may be missing in action at MWC 2013, at least from the public’s eye.

What would a Galaxy S4 look like, given the explosive evolution in the smartphone world? Unsurprisingly, sources are claiming a 5-inch 1080p AMOLED with a quad-core, LTE-capable processor. A 13MP camera is also rumored for the phone, which no doubt means a 2.1MP or higher front-facing camera as well. This all falls in line with what has been released by Samsung’s competition since the release of the Galaxy S3, making the phone sound more like an incremental spec increase than a feat of engineering prowess and internal development. Samsung will more than likely build on some of the technology they flirted with in the Galaxy S3, like inductive charging and video streaming via DLNA or Miracast.

Despite having only released the Galaxy S3 in July of this year, Samsung is more than likely planning an early 2013 release of the Galaxy S4 in order to get a jump on the iPhone 5S. Apple has been rumored to also be planning an early 2013 release for their next phone, dramatically cutting the typical one year release cycle the company has had with the iPhone since its inception. Since the “S” versions of each iPhone are typically an incremental bump, it would appear that Samsung and Apple are battling to see who can release the next new phone just to get ahead of each other.

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